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Kauttamme tavoitat oikeat ihmiset: kuluttajat, äänestäjät, päättäjät, poliitikot jne

Keräämme luotettavaa tietoa halutusta aiheesta tai kohderyhmästä.
Emme sitoudu tiettyihin tiedonkeruumenetelmiin, vaan teemme sitä, mikä toimii parhaiten.


Tarjontamme on siis monipuolista. Täyden palvelun dataratkaisuja.

We advise and support you to get the best out of your research projects.
In-time and in the quality you expect from an industry leader.
Whether it’s cleansing, formatting or integrating data – we do it all.
DATA Reporting
From raw data to interactive dashboards.

Teemme yhteistyötä tutkimusyritysten, mediatalojen ja menestyneimpien brandien parissa-

Norstat delivers high-quality data and keeps up with the latest market trends. We are very satisfied with our cooperation with Norstat and their flexibility towards our projects.

Claus Munch Sandvei, Head of Insight MediaCom Denmark

Norstat’s ability to solve problems, provide professional advice, and always be there for Psyma and our needs is simply outstanding. Their efficient client service is exactly what my business needs and are always helpful, approachable, and an absolute pleasure to work with.

Bernd Wachter, CEO Psyma Group

We are extremely satisfied. Timings are always crisp with us as we are a stock-listed company, but Norstat has never disappointed us. Paired with a lot of fun in a partnership-based customer relationship this makes Norstat our number 1 choice.

Christian Smart, Managing Director Travelzoo

We consider Norstat to be one of our key strategic partners. The quality of their services, their reliability and their samples are indeed exceptional in the market. Conducting research projects directly contributes to our bottom line via an extremely high project efficiency.

Olaf Hofmann, Managing Director Skopos Market Research

Norstat is our preferred fieldwork supplier. With Norstat we know that we get quick and meaningful responses and an efficient delivery of all types of research data.

Leif Henrik Husom, Managing Partner Perceptor



Tarjontamme on monipuolista.

Täyden palvelun dataratkaisuja.





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